Wolf Creek Dam Project Gets New Manager
June 9, 2012 Share

Wolf Creek Dam Project Gets New Manager

A new project manager has been named to oversee the $594 million rehabilitation of Wolf Creek Dam.

Don Getty succeeds David Hendrix who has been in charge of the project since the work began in 2007. Hendrix has been promoted to another position, according to Lee Roberts, public affairs specialist for the Corps.

Getty, before taking charge of the Wolf Creek project, has for the past 12 years managed a Kentucky Lake lock project. He is a native of Arkansas but has spent most of his working life in Kentucky.

He, like Hendrix, has the same goals for completing rehabilitation of Wolf Creek Dam.

“We hope to have the reservoir (Lake Cumberland) in normal operation by December 2013, and, depending on Mother Nature and spring rains, the lake should be back to normal level by Summer 2014,” said Getty.

He said a major milestone was completed this week when the protective concrete embankment wall was tied into the existing concrete part of the dam.

“We only have five more panels to go,” said Getty, referring to completion of the protective wall in Critical Area 1, the most troublesome part of the dam near where the earthen and concrete sections join. The protective concrete embankment wall is formed with panels 6 feet wide and 9 feet deep.Drilling for the permanent wall is done through the protective concrete embankment wall to limit the amount of disturbance inside the structure.

The permanent wall is 68 percent complete inside the 4,000-foot-long earthen section of the dam, Getty said. The wall, at least two feet thick, is formed by drilling 50-inch, overlapping holes and filling the holes with concrete.

Lake Cumberland has been kept about 40 feet below its normal level since January 2007 to facilitate repairs at the dam. Rehabilitation of the structure was necessary after a panel of experts in 2005 declared Wolf Creek Dam in high risk of failure.

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