What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?
June 18, 2012 Share

What is Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Have you seen the newest trend in water sports? People are standing on oversized surfboards and paddling through the water on lakes and rivers everywhere. Most water sports have typically been limited to those with superior balance because of the difficulty to stand and move atop a board on moving water.

Stand up paddleboards (SUPs) are a great way for new and experienced water sport athletes to get out on the water with little to no experience. The skills needed to stand up paddleboard can be learned by anyone of just about any age in less than ten minutes. Newer paddleboards are designed to be stable enough to support an average sized adult and child without moving through the water, unlike what you need to do in surfing.

Stand up paddleboarding is also a great way to exercise considering it can burn 500-700 calories an hour. It is a great all-around workout that helps to improve your balance and allows you to gain core strength every time out. Besides standing, you can sit, kneel or lay on a paddleboard. Houseboat, pontoon and boat owners can enjoy many other benefits from stand up paddleboards.  SUPs are a great way to get around your boat, a marina’s harbor, your secluded cove or any no wake zone.

Without the need for gas, SUPs are an inexpensive solution to maneuver around houseboats for cleaning, maintenance and tie-ups. It is also something that can easily be tied to the side of a pontoon or houseboat while traveling. When you reach your destination, you can put it in the water and take it to shore without beating up the bottom of your boat. It can be taken in all kinds of water including smooth or choppy with waves and boat wakes, or calm back waters of creeks. It also allows people of all ages who prefer not to drive motorized boats to get out on the water by themselves.

Now anyone can take a leisure morning paddle, a brief afternoon workout, or use a paddleboard to fish from just about anywhere there is water over 12 inches deep. SUPs are an excellent addition to add to your water toys at the lake.

More marinas and resorts are renting SUPs because it is easy to learn, it is great for all ages, and it is rapidly increasing in popularity. Bros Boards is bringing SUPs to inland lakes and rivers across the country. They offer quality Body Glove stand up paddleboards that are perfect for rentals or personal use. They are made of a blow molded hard plastic that can withstand a beating so they will last a long time.

Their thickness and wider body creates more stability, which is ideal for anyone to experience on lakes and rivers. Body Glove paddles convert to Kayak paddles in seconds by attaching a second paddle on one end.