Travel/Boat Shows & Tips
January 15, 2017 Share

Travel/Boat Shows & Tips

Thousands of people attend Travel & Boat Shows yearly.  While some enthusiasts attend on the hunt for the next big boat, boat shows are also a great place for first time buyers.  With hundreds of dealers and products on display, it makes shopping easier.

Winter shows are popular for many reasons including the fact that many new designs are launched during winter shows.   Experts say the best time to buy boats and campers is in the off season.

This weekend, hundreds of people joined in the celebration of  Cincinnati’s 60th annual Travel, Sports & Boat show.  A friend of, Meredith Wahl and her family enjoyed this weekend show and has sent in some pics for us to share.  If you missed out on this one, another show is coming up January 25th – 29th at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, KY.

Whether you love being in the water, on the water or around the water, you are sure to get the “kid-in-the-candy store feeling when you attend.

If you will be attending your first Travel & Boat show soon, we would like to offer some tips to make the most of your show experience.
*Wear comfortable shoes & clothing – there will be a lot of walking.  (Something with the ability to slip on and off saves time as well)
*A pen and notebook to make notes & compare styles/designs you’re interested in.
*A bag to carry the many brochures you may take home.
*A camera or cell phone with camera
*Plan your route.  Most boat/rv/sport shows have websites w/ the show layout.  If you’re looking for something specific, you can save a lot of time & energy by planning out your route.
*Do your homework before you attend.  Talk to your family about choices and options.

Tonya Stargel