May 1, 2014 Share

To Cove or Not to Cove?

We finished all the paperwork and documentation on our houseboat in May.  The first opportunity we had more than a weekend to stay on the boat was the Fourth of July holiday.  We were on vacation for the week and we had the time to cove out.

We had asked several people their opinions on the best way to tie up in a cove, Mike and I have only helped tie up another houseboat once.  Every person we asked told us how they tied up, however, these stories involved at least three people.  We have two adults and a seven-year old on-board.

We thought about it over the weekend and planned on tying up on Monday, the fourth was later in the week so lake traffic was down.  This was a good sign because neither of us have pulled a houseboat out of a slip, or into the gas pier.  We also had our pontoon to drag along.

Over the weekend we scouted coves using the pontoon to see which would be the easiest cove for us to manage.  We planned on taking the ropes out with the pontoon and running them across the cove and tie them together.  We attached a life belt at the knot so we could find where they joined.  Our next step was to come back to the dock and get the houseboat then head to our pre-strung cove.  Fortunately, the previous owner left us ropes that floated, that made things a bit easier.

In theory it sounded simple, but if you have ever tied in a cove you find many more factors that come into play.  Since we were new at this we didn’t know enough about it to be nervous which was probably a good thing or we would have waited until we had more hands to help.

to be continued…

By Stephanie Forest of Lake Cumberland Life