May 6, 2014 Share

To Cove or Not to Cove Pt 2

I've been driving boats for many years which makes me a decent driver, however the largest boat I have docked was 25 feet this boat is 70 feet, which means all the practice I've had with a 25 foot boat is irrelevant. But remember ignorance is bliss for newbies.

We fired up the engines and double checked all we knew how to check and headed to the gas pier (I have never been fortunate to buy a boat with a full tank of gas). Mike untied us and waved goodbye as we headed out.

Our plan was that Mike would take the pontoon ahead of us to the gas pier and warn anyone in the way that this was our maiden voyage. Half way over to the pier I remembered I could call ahead on the CB, which just seems weird now that we have cell phones.

Mike and the dock hand were waiting for us when we arrived, and since it was early morning there was very little wind which helped. I did OK getting into the pier considering the dog was barking his head off and my son was in and out of the door about fifty thousand times, I was relieved to have my first trip (although short) under my belt. We pushed off and headed to our cove.

By the time we got back to the cove the ropes had floated close to the bank but were still far enough out that I could nose the bow into them. Mike reached out with a little pole and grabbed them. I backed up and held us in place while he tied the first rope on the front then he walked the other rope across the top and tied the back in place.

It worked amazingly well for our fist tie up, I wish I could say the same about the next try…. We stayed in the cove Monday until Saturday morning learning how to use all the wacky stuff that keeps the batteries charged and the refrigerator running. I wish we would have had better weather it rained buckets most of the day, everyday.

We were able to get out and do a little tubing between the rain, but my thoughts of sitting in the sun listening to the waterfalls will have to wait until another venture. I would love to hear how you tie-up and any tips and tricks you have to share.

Cheers to long summers and short winters..

By Stephanie Forest of Lake Cumberland Life