This weekend is Lake Cumberland Raft Up!
August 6, 2015 Share

This weekend is Lake Cumberland Raft Up!

The Lake Cumberland Raft-Up started in 2010 breaking the Guiness World Record of having the most boats tied up together in a single raft-up.

Let’s make this year’s RAFT-UP the best one yet! This is one of the biggest events on the Lake and we hope everyone has a great time, but remember to be safe and be respectful of other boaters.  Located  on the Shinbone area of Lake Cumberland (just west of Conley Bottom Marina), come join us on August 8th from 12 til 5 EST.

Any houseboats that want to be part of the days events must park along the shoreline and not tie-up with the smaller boats and cruisers. This will be strictly enforced with water patrol helping us with this.

Contagious til 4 will be performing all day on the main stage.  They played at State Dock during the Poker Run last year and they were awesome!  They were so well received, they were invited back for our biggest date of the year.

CT4 is a club favorite throughout Columbus, OH and the surrounding area, covering a wide array of hit songs and genres including Aerosmith, Beastie Boys, Lady Gaga, Bush, Prince, Train, and many more.

Check out their website HERE.