Take the Ultimate Kentucky Waterfalls Road Trip
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Take the Ultimate Kentucky Waterfalls Road Trip

Kentucky has fewer waterfalls then one would expect, but what we lack in quantity, we make up in quality. We are home to the Niagara of the South, Cumberland Falls, among several other scenic areas. Wouldn’t it be great to just take a day or three and go on a waterfall road trip of our state?

Our beautiful Kentucky waterfalls are spread out a bit, so it would be impossible to visit them all in one afternoon. Thus, we have broken it down by location, including a map for your convenience. This way you can plan your ultimate Kentucky waterfall road trip at a glance.

The ultimate waterfall road trip map:













1. 76 Falls

Located along Country Club Road in Albany 42602, this is a tranquil spot to relax or picnic. This gorgeous falls is 76’ high and offers a beautiful scenic walk along Indian Creek.

2. Yahoo Falls

Yahoo is near the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area on 4564 Leatherwood Road in Whitley City. There is a nice little hike to get to the falls, but it is well worth the efforts. The stream isn’t very big, but the area is very peaceful.

3. Cumberland Falls

The renowned Cumberland Falls is located on 7351 KY-90 in Corbin. This beautiful spot in Kentucky is known for its famed moonbow, and has been referred to as the Niagara Falls of the South.

4. Bad Branch Falls

This falls is off KY 932 in Eolia. This beautiful preserve is not only home to Bad Branch Falls, but also to Kentucky’s only known pair of nesting Ravens. The falls are located about eight miles south of Whitesburg off 932.

5. Anglin Falls

This falls is located right off Anglin Falls Road in McKee. This whimsical falls is in the John B Stephenson Memorial Forest and State Nature Preserve. The serenity of the surroundings will make you believe in fairies.

6. Torrent Falls

Torrent is at 1617 N KY 11 in Campton. This beautiful falls is located near the renowned Red River Gorge. It is home to some beautiful scenery and activities, like rock climbing. The area is actually quite a favored spot of local climbers.

7. Broke Leg Falls

You have to wonder why they call it Broke Leg, till you get around 508 Hwy 460 in Wellington. There is a small falls close by Broke Leg. The area itself is quite peaceful, though a tornado damaged some of the woodlands in 2012. It is a great spot for a picnic and a romantic walk in the woodlands.

8. Flat Lick Falls

The legend of Gray Hawk has nothing to do with Heman, but instead centers around the falls off Hwy 421 in Gray Hawk. This beautiful and lesser known falls is about 7 miles south of McKee and offers a nice picnic area with a gorgeous view. Hiking and camping are welcomed, and very much enjoyed.

Kentucky waterfalls are truly magical places, and a waterfall road trip can be a very serene or romantic adventure. Each one of these beautiful places offers a view of Mother Nature’s special aquatic Bluegrass beauty, which is unlike any other state. Please keep in mind all falls don’t have an exact address, but they are clearly marked on the maps provided. You will find the link to the map with waterfall locations here, for your convenience.

Which destination looks most promising for you? Are you ready for a waterfall road trip?

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