June 30, 2013 Share

Officials warn boaters as a part of Operation Dry Water

Officials says consider this your warning. Fish and Wildlife Officers will be out all weekend on Kentucky lakes and rivers as a part of a national effort to stop intoxicated boaters.

WKYT was out at one of the boat docks leading into Lake Cumberland on Friday. Fish and Wildlife Officers, along with the US Army Corps of Egineers in Somerset, are working tirelessly to warn boaters about the various rules on the water.

They're all participating in a nation-wide initiative this weekend called Operation Dry Water.

What the majority of officers are doing this weekend is providing safety checks, trying to make sure people have the right amount of life jackets on their boats, you need one for every person that goes out.

Another big thing they're looking for is intoxication.

You are not allowed out on the water, and definitely not allowed to drive a boat if you are under the influence.

This is of course the weekend before the biggest on the water holiday of the year, the 4th of July.

This 4th, thousands of people are expected to hit Kentucky lakes and rivers, so officers are hoping they can warn boaters this weekend to cut down on the number of BUI's they'll deal with next weekend.

Operation Dry Water runs through Sunday on all major lakes and waterways in the state.


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