Man arrested after ammo theft at Lake Cumberland camp
January 8, 2016 Share

Man arrested after ammo theft at Lake Cumberland camp

JABEZ, Ky. (WKYT) – The investigation began in June when police say Glen “Randall” Dixon and his son, Josh, who worked at the Lake Cumberland 4 H Educational Center in Jabez, began making off with boxes of gun ammo.

“Obviously it’s a serious situation when you talk about ammo. 30,000 rounds of ammo,” said Wayne County Deputy Sheriff Cody Neal.

Police suspect the boxes of ammo were taken between late June and early July. Camp officials called police when ammunition for gun safety courses couldn’t be found.

“It is for the kids. And they use that to learn safety in firearms. To have it stolen where they can’t shoot, it is disheartening,” said Neal.

The Dixons were identified as suspects several months after the thefts at the camp which sits on the banks of Lake Cumberland in Wayne County near the Russell and Pulaski County lines. A witness came forward that police say assisted with the investigation and in identifying the Dixons as suspects.

“They told us that someone was trying to sell the ammo. That is what led us to Mr. Dixon and his son,” said Neal.

WKYT called the Wayne County jail to see if Glen Dixon, who is charged with Theft by Unlawful Taking, wanted to give his side of the story. He was put on the phone and said that he did not think the charges against him would stick, but could not say anything else because he had not spoken with an attorney.

Police say Josh Dixon is still at large. As to what happened to all the ammo, it appears all of it was either sold or is unaccounted for.

“The word we got is… they were getting $100 a box, for 5,000 rounds, .22 ammo and shotgun shells, boxes of it,” said Neal.

Court records say that the Dixons made off with the ammo from the camp when quote, “the boss was gone.”

The 4H center put a value on the ammo at $3,430.