October 13, 2014 Share

Local filmaker premiers movie – Donates $ to RCAC

Local filmmaker David Williams along with Brian West, a local short film actor, presented the Russell County Arts Council with a $300 donation at the October Council Meeting.

David Williams and Brian West had been working on a short action film entitled “The Hunted” from May- August. When the movie was near completion the two started thinking of somewhere they could premier it, where all co-stars along with other actors from our previous projects could attend.

“Nowhere else more suited in Russell County than the historic Star Theater came to mind,” says the two. They distributed tickets to friends, family, and anyone else who could attend.

Over 100 people excitedly attended the viewing with $300 in donations collected. You can check out the movie below or go to his Youtube channel, Daverock023 to view it, along with several other projects. You never know who you might see in one of their videos! – Cindy West.