Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing Report – 10/22/13
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Lake Cumberland Striper Fishing Report – 10/22/13

Currently, the lake level is right at 691.83 feet above sea level. The lake is now about 33 feet below the tree line. The tree line is normally at 725' above sea level.  With the repairs finished on the dam, the lake is forecasted to be back at 725' above sea level by next year.  We will see!


It has been 2 ½ weeks since my last report. Greetings to my readers! I hope the world finds you and your family doing well!

DATE OF REPORT: October 22, 2013

• Latest water temperature: 73.4 ° F surface (Confluence of Beaver and Otter Creek) October 21st, 2013
• Latest water temperature: 73.8 ° F surface (Indian Creek) October 22nd, 2013
• Latest water temperature: 74.1 ° F surface (At the dam) October 22nd, 2013

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We also cannot forget the duty and service provided by our Policemen, Fish and Wildlife Officers and Firemen.

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The water is continuing to cool.  With the cold (below freezing in the mornings!) weather scheduled for later this week, the water temperature will begin to drop from the low 70s in to the mid 60 degree range.

The Stripers are now “full throttle” coming to the surface chasing bait fish near the creek mouths in huge schools of hundreds of fish and we are absolutely hammering them on surface plugs and also on my Captain Jim line of lures (more on this below)!  The action gets hot and heavy with Stripers all around the boat inhaling bait fish and blasting the lures!

You can catch them casting on them! Come check it out!  Book a trip with StriperFun and enjoy this special time of year!

The fishing continues to remain extremely strong!  We are also now catching some real nice larger fish!  It is good to see some big fish coming in!

See the photo below of Jack Jacquemin with his huge 3 foot Striper caught “casting the jumps” with me personally!

See also below Chad Coker and his dad who were “first timers” who came out with me and caught some big Stripers!  Oh my gosh, we also lost a major fish that day!   

I always like to see new people coming to the lake and enjoying our wonderful resource!

To see more photos of all the other customer’s limits, click to and scroll down to “recent catches”.

Where the fish are!

The Stripers are now on the main lake (western end of the lake) most days, near the mouths of the major creeks.   However, as the cool weather days hit, they also will occasionally migrate back into the creeks several times a day.  The bottom line is that the schools of fish are moving very fast all over the place.  You need to “hunt” them and good electronics are a must (see above Humminbird information!).

The first thing in the morning and then an hour or two before dusk, the fish are “blasting bait fish” all over the surface in the creek mouths in huge schools of hundreds of fish and we are absolutely hammering them throwing my Captain Jim line of lures (more on this below)! 


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Until next time, blue skies and tight lines!

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