Lake Cumberland marinas recovering from snow storm
January 28, 2016 Share

Lake Cumberland marinas recovering from snow storm

PULASKI CO., Ky. (WKYT) – Today, cranes could be seen at Lees Ford Marina at Lake Cumberland. Roofs on docks were being lifted to reveal the damaged boats below. This comes almost a week after a snow storm dumped ice and then snow on the roofs, crushing many of the boats below. Lees Ford wasn’t the only marina damaged, most all docks on the lake suffered losses. “It’s a difficult situation,” said Jim Ed McClung, owner of Jarvis Insurance Agency.

Some owners have seen there boats since the storm. A very small number of boats have been pulled out. Harvey Maynard with Lookout Marine in Somerset has been trying to get to the less damaged boats and get them on dry land. He said customers have been calling wanting him to check on their boat. “You get attached to the customer and the boat, so you feel for them about their loss,” Maynard said.

Maynard was at Lees Ford Marina right after the storm, trying to remove the snow from the dock roofs. “Once we’d get the snow off, the roofs would pop up.” Now, his team is in recovery mode, pulling out the boats they can and setting them up at the shop. “It will just be a continuous movement of pulling them out and blocking them up.”

One pontoon sat in Lookout Marine’s lot. Maynard said the owner just bought the boat last summer and now, will be getting a new top. “It’s probably one of the lucky ones,” Maynard said. “The weight of the snow pushed the marina down on top of the boat and bent the Bimini top on it.”

Maynard’s concern is with the more severely damaged boats. Parts to fix them might take time to arrive, if they even manufacture the parts anymore. “A lot of the boats are sunk and some are just going to have damaged rails, windshields and tops. But some of that’s not going to be available if it’s over five or six years old.”

“There are a limited number of boat repair facilities so when you’ve got massive claims like this, it’s going to slow down the process because there’s just not enough availability of repair facilities to take care of it,” McClung worries.

His adjusters are on standby waiting for the water’s hazards to melt away. He tells his customers not to wait for warmer weather to call your insurance company. These claims won’t fall on the marina, but on the boat owners since this wasn’t the marina’s fault. “With the number of claims that are going on right now, they need to go ahead and get in line so to speak so their claim will be ready to be processed as soon as the adjusters can get to the dock,” McClung said.