July 29, 2013 Share

Jamestown alcohol sales defeated

If there was ever a time when your vote counted, it was in Tuesday’s special ballot election in Jamestown. Only 28 votes difference keeps the city of Jamestown “dry.” In what promised to be a hotly contest-
ed fight to either keep the city of Jamestown dry, not allowing the sale of alcohol in any fashion, or to go “moist,” allowing the limited sale of alcohol, once again the citizens who want to keep their community alcohol sales-free have prevailed.
With an overall vote of 279 for "no,"and 251 voting "yes" in this special ballot,the city of Jamestown will remain “dry.” The breakdown of the votes collected at Jamestown Elementary school throughout the day was: Jamestown Precinct 140 no, 131 yes, and the Lake Precinct 122 no, and 101 yes. The absentee ballot count was 17 no, and 19 yes.
The last balloting on this issue showed similar results when it was Lake and Jamestown Precinct sections of the city of Jamestown voted no, while the entire precincts, of which the city proper is only part, voted yes.
There were 1,137 total registered voters in the city of Jamestown, which means there was a 46.6 percent turnout, which is an impressive turnout for an off election season, special ballot issue, according to County Clerk Lisha Popplewell, which pays testament to the seriousness with which the issue was approached.
The numbers are similar to the 2009 vote when the city of Jamestown voted 274 against and 243 were in favor. While the ballot measure continues to be defeated, it is likely not the last time the issue will be raised again at the ballot box