The Hwy 127 Relocation Project
December 1, 2016 Share

The Hwy 127 Relocation Project

Bids will soon be opening on a 115 million dollar project to relocate a section of U.S. Hwy 127. This will essentially re route traffic atop Wolf Creek Dam located on Lake Cumberland in Jamestown Ky.

This project which is expected to span six years will take place in multiple phases. The winning bidder for the first phase, which is a 45 million dollar plan will have 320 working days to complete. This puts phase one being completed in the Spring of 2019.

A new bridge construction spanning the Cumberland River will take place in the following phase and will be located 3 1/2 miles downstream from Wolf Creek Dam.

The current crooked and winding road that many are used to while vacationing on Lake Cumberland will be shortened four miles according to the Hwy Dept Engineers. The two lane Hwy across Wolf Creek will remain open although will likely have a different destination.