Heavy rains cause roads to flood in Pulaski County
July 2, 2015 Share

Heavy rains cause roads to flood in Pulaski County

Some roads in Pulaski County looked more like rivers Wednesday into Thursday.

Tim Lippert soon realized crossing Slate Branch Road wasn’t safe, and like everyone else he was following the advice of ‘turn around, don’t drown.’

“We’re having a hard time finding our way,” he said of those with him, on their way from Union, Ky. to Lake Cumberland for the holiday weekend.

Slate Branch Road was among many roads that flooded Wednesday afternoon. It was still closed Thursday.

Stephen Flynn says he and his neighbors are used to seeing high water on Slate Branch, but few say they’ve ever seen it get this bad. They watched all the people use their driveways to turn around.

“People know it does this. They can see it way down the road. You don’t have to come this far, to see it. Going to pile up 5 times a year,” he said.

Transportation officials say they are studying the area more closely to see if there’s anything they can do to alleviate problems in the future.

By: Phil Pendleton Email