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  1. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all! With that out of the way, I have now had my turn in the barrel. My wife and I both had the dreaded Wuhan Flu beginning Christmas Eve. I had one day with a tight chest, 2 days of minimal aches, and 3 days of about one cough per hour. My wife was similar but decided to morph hers into strep throat so she is killing that off with antibiotics now. I realize this illness can be deadly but our reaction (as a country) has been and continues to be ridiculous. If you have no comorbid conditions (like a pacemaker), you are not going to be any worse off than with a mild case of the flu. We are both over 50 and I am a good 40 pounds overweight. We have to stop this snowflake nonsense.
  2. Add one more devout mask wearing person to the list. My boss wears one every time he leaves his office and even outside if near any other people yet he still managed to get it.
  3. In the name of general knowledge... We had 3 people test positive for COVID this past Friday at work. One of them was mostly a "masks ignorer" and in small spaces with others 6 days a week. One of them has worn a mask properly, very regularly, and always inside any building/enclosure with others. The final person has worn a mask religiously from June. He does not get out of his vehicle in the morning without a mask on, never rides with anyone else in his truck, tries to limit his exposure to other employees, and always wears his mask correctly. My point is that the new "religion" of face coverings is nuts. As demonstrated in my examples, a mask is not going to prevent you from getting this virus. Keeping your hands clean, keeping your distance from others, and common sense is likely the the most effective defense.
  4. There are fishermen on the lake every weekend all winter but they likely would not plan to eat there if they were not sure it was open. Knowing whether a place is open or not before you get there seems to be a bit of an issue for many places in the area.
  5. Wow only 4 people are still checking this forum and one is suffering from a severe case of TDS. In any case, Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas to all!
  6. I pulled the bass boat off the lift last Sunday and put it in the garage. It is only .6 of a mile from the ramp and will hopefully be used some more but it is pretty much done for the year. Last weekend was spectacular as far as the weather. We almost put the Yamaha back in for the weekend.
  7. My comments from May still hold. Possibly even more accurate now. I was at the lake (Pleasant Hill) a lot this summer (including last weekend) and did not see a mask at our marina or on our ramp one time that I can recall. Even distancing seemed to totally go away by July 4. I did see a group of 5 or 6 women get off a boat at James town Marina and put on masks one Sat this summer but that was my only mask sighting on the water. About the only place you consistently see masks is the Walgreens or Kroger.
  8. Using Chrome as well
  9. I am happy to see the law enforced but I also find it very bothersome that a land owner cannot modify the area in-between their property and the waterline in any way. I think there should be some kind of compromise where a landowner can cut some trees but not clear cut 1/2 an acre. Maybe pay some scaled amount based on the girth and height of each tree cut and plant replacement trees elsewhere around the lake. Maybe even plant replacement trees right there in the same spot only plant trees that would remain shorter at maturity?
  10. Did you try just inserting the image's URL (link) from the "insert other media" below?
  11. Gosh I can't wait for even more traffic at the mouth of Wolf Creek! <- massive sarcasm in case you missed it. Just the length of the no wake zone should make this a non starter. I suppose I will not fish in the head of Wolf again. I'm already fuming by the time I get through all the existing no wake zones.
  12. I will leave my political thoughts out of this opinion but I will say I am not a fan of mandated mask usage. A basic cloth mask is not and has never been shown as an effective form of protection form a virus (until the last few months). All they do is protect you from coughing or sneezing on someone and allow people to virtue signal. I do not wear one unless I have to go somewhere that will not let me in without it (like Kroger). Wear a mask if you want, just leave me alone if I don't. I promise not to cough or sneeze on anyone.
  13. We were out cruising around yesterday afternoon and went by Jamestown Marina. I saw 6 women get off a bow rider and every one put a mask on as soon as they stepped on the dock. That was a first for me this year. As usual, no one had a mask on at the Ramp or our marina (Pleasant Hill).
  14. Hmmm, seems like little Andy will be making new proclamations today or tomorrow. I hope it doesn't crush businesses like this that are likely barely hanging on.
  15. Good to hear it was a good show. The show in Lexington was pretty good as well. I am surprised that you are surprised about the usage of masks. I have not seen one mask on the dock, lake, or ramp this year. I have rarely seen one used in Jamestown unless it was a waiter or someone at work. To be completely honest, I never wear one unless it cannot be avoided. I try to stay social distant (I have been practicing all my life for that skill ) as often as possible and wash my hands frequently but the mask is a bridge too far for me. It does nothing to protect me and very little to protect anyone else.