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  1. Well it appeared to be the normal chaos of every holiday weekend at the lake. The biggest difference I saw was in Russell Springs and Jamestown. None of the restaurants seem to have reopened their dining rooms and were continuing to close early. I have to think a lot of money was missed there. The ramp at PH was worse than normal since there was not enough space to turn around at the bottom and because the normal parking for golf carts and side by sides was under water. It was entertaining watching a lot of 24' plus boats being backed all the way down the hill. I did not see one mask in use at the marina or ramp. The only place I saw any masks were Kroger and food servers.
  2. So for anyone still checking this place, what changes have you seen at the lake due to little Andy's orders? I have seen fewer people for sure over the last 2 months. There have been fewer people at their cottages, on the ramp, and at the marina. However those I have seen at the ramp or marina have been acting like there is nothing new. They have not been doing any "social distancing" and I have not seen one mask, pair of gloves, or bottle of hand sanitizer in use. As we have finally started to get warmer weekends and everyone has become tired of Andy's dictates, I have seen more traffic on the ramp and the marina has more boats sitting on the lifts but it is still noticeably less busy that in years past. Last weekend, less than half our slips (Pleasant Hill) had boats. Normally, 95% of the slips are in use by now. Is it this way everywhere on the lake? I have to imagine it will be busy this weekend at least since it is a holiday and I really believe most people have had their fill of "Healthy at Home".
  3. I have not checked the forum for months and wonder why I did this time. Anybody want to publish and over/under on how long it's up this time?
  4. This site seems to be someone's failed aspirations right now. Hopefully it will get some love from the owner sometime soon or just be put out of it's misery. As it has been for the last year or so, you never know if the site is hacked, updated, or just drifting in the wind. Eventhough there were not that many users a few years ago, I liked it and checked the forums regularly. Now I just use it to see the lake level and maybe look at a web cam. Lord knows the lakecumberland.com domain could be a money maker but it would take some effort.
  5. I agree with you both. It is insane that there is no communication about the site. Whoever runs this thing needs to either announce a final date and kill it on that date or actually maintain it and keep it running correctly. They could also just sell it to me for $1. I will make it my retirement hobby.
  6. So has it really been dead for over a year or was it just my browser issues?
  7. I have seen a number of copperheads and timber rattlers in KY over the years. Luckily I have only had one occasion where I could not avoid them. My RA freshman year at UK had been bitten by a copperhead somewhere at Red River Gorge a few weeks before the semester started. I recall his ankle being bad for months.
  8. That sounds like something my wife would enjoy. Thank you for posting it.
  9. Saw a report of a drowning near Bronston on the news last night. Not sure if this is what you are referring to. WKYT News Story
  10. While I enjoy a good spectacle as much as the next guy, going into a relatively small area with that many boats, people, and alcohol is just not my thing.
  11. I think I have to agree. While making it a national park gives it the expectation of protection for eternity, it also restricts it and adds yet another hungry mouth to feed in a thinly funded organization. Personally I feel only unique environments (Yellowstone, Denali, Bryce Canyon, Gettysburg, Mammoth Caves, etc) should be national parks. Perhaps Mill Springs should be a national monument and significantly less than 900 acres?
  12. It would be a great idea if the cost has come down and the footprint has shrunk since I was working on weigh stations 8 years ago. We only had to keep one cabinet running with 2 loops, a scale, a very small microcomputer, a wireless transmitter/receiver, and three red/green traffic lights. The solar option our engineer worked out was rather large just to keep it up 30 minutes. I can't imagine what it would take (barring improved tech) to keep an intersection running for 2 or 3 days. Keep in mind these power failures usually happen when the sun is not shining and likely will not for a few days. There is also the added danger to the techs. They have to understand that there could always be power in the unit even if every other electronic device is dead for a square mile and the lights are not illuminated over the road.
  13. They are using portable inverters. However they are not a Harbor Freight stock item. The ones they are using are quite expensive, quite large and have a significant output. I agree that this solution is 1000 times better than having officers standing there directing traffic.
  14. I think he has another spectacular group coming in. However they are still all very young and inexperienced so I always temper my expectations for them. This year might be a little different though. There will be two or three returning that could really show some leadership and help with maturity.
  15. Thanks. I just assumed it was already $10 everywhere.