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  1. Are we back up again I wish this sight would take off again it was fun
  2. Hello hello is anybody out there hello
  3. I hope it stays up this time I enjoy this sight better than Facebook better information
  4. I'm glad to see it back up I missed all the news
  5. Yup he fits right in their with all the sore loosers
  6. Knotforlong I used smitys marine in indianapolis they do a lot of upholstery and custom work I had them use marine barber carpet
  7. Yes I pulled mine out and took it to boat upholstery shop they made new carpet with snaps works very well plus they had lots of colors and a n d different types of carpet
  8. You might want to send that picture over to Lee fords marina to show them what real grouper looks like lol nice fish
  10. I will stick to what I said I personally will never talk or say anything about another man's wife unless it was something good and that would be to there face
  11. Ya know I've watched this forum for years and for the most it's been fun it hasn't been the same since cumberline passed I've seen things on here he would have never let pass always said this was a family forum i read things about state dock and wcm that is pure speculation I see posts that say she would sure be a hit at harmon creek what would you do if someone said that about your wife your mom your sister or girlfriend people wonder why everyone's moving from the forum to other places the man ownes lots of marinas ya think you might give the man time to look at things and make the right changes rome wasn't built in a day ya might offer help it can't hurt go to the big boss first
  12. If that guy would have been a Democrat you have never heard a thing lol
  13. ConleyConley bottom best dock on lake and they said earlier that was a false rumor
  14. Wow that sounds like a mean liberal that's sad
  15. Fuel gauges are indicators most are not accurate in boats