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  1. We have Copperheads and King snakes on Cave Spring ridge too. Tolerated them for years until I found a King eating my Pileated wood pecker babies one Spring, then it was OFF with their heads after that!
  2. Come on spooner, Whats not to like about a little fecal matter in your water? Party on dude!
  3. Maybe somebody can turn it into a golf course?
  4. Sounds like Denton needed more help than he could find in Somerset so he decided to give up and jump. Not to mention the so called dive team they hired to recover the corps. They found the body but decided to let it stay a while longer because of a few fishin hooks. Sounds like Billy-Ray and Bobby-Joe just didn't really care!
  5. Croppie, I'm like spooner its not a good idea to post any personal info on here like your address and stuff. There was a day and time when personal info wasn't a big deal but that was before computers... just sayin!
  6. For some reason I haven't been interested in the lake much we've only been down once this year. Gittin old and worn out I guess or maybe the high muddy water was a buzz kill last time down. Either way Richman my guess is that bait could be caught around most all marinas this time of year,not to mention out on the lake where you scope them, as long as you have a good light to attract them. Good luck!
  7. Have seen the guardrails on the causeway to Jamestown lodge underwater. NO BIG!
  8. Brady seems to have an unlimited supply of rabbits tucked in his hat so I gotta go with him. Hope it is a come from behind unbelievable game like last time.
  9. Sorry ... Water temp. ranged from 40 to 43. And yes F&F would be great on a sunny calm cove somewhere in a creek also beaching the boat on the sand in the sun with shad or shiner on the bottom. And finally scoped some amazing clumps of bait here and there but no real sign of any shad die off due to cold. With all this cold water in the lake now maybe we can hold on to it thru summer and have a good fish growing year.
  10. Yes a big congrats to Dave Dr. Nautica. Look forward to a tour of the facilities.
  11. Not a lot of activity on this thread nor the rest of this site. Last time I was on here it said was a month ago! Ho well. Anyways, Fished this last weekend in Wolf. Went down Thur. evening fished Fri. morn till early afternoon. SKUNKED! Scoped thousands of fish on the bottom in mouth of Dudley. Didn't get up early for shad but rigged up heavy and sent down store bought shiners. I could feel them pulling off the shinners but could not set a hook. Next was minnows on a smaller hook same thing!.... geeez! Slept in Sat. and did some yard work then it rained. Sun morn went to the boat dock and boated two keeper smallies and a keeper large mouth. Not a bad ending for the trip. Weatherman says winter is back on so will see what it brings!
  12. In Caney at the fork will be a good place to fish but doubt I will endure the wind chill to get there. I will be in Dudley hopefully out of the wind and in the sun!
  13. I hear ya Brian! Sad part is the Bass Boats are getting just as bad as the PWC fools. At least the PWC people seem slow down for the idle speed zones, hell Ive seen 4 bass boats in a row scream thru the idle zone @ WCM.
  14. Yes we will be down, and yes I will be out on the water like a fool.