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  1. I personally don't see a problem with that as long as people don't stand toe-to-toe to talk. I've seen nobody wearing masks walking around the marina or ramp. Outside fresh air and normal separation. We try to stay clear of the crowds on busy weekends. Our group of boating friends are all over 55 and I trust they are watching what they do. Raft Up is cancelled this year, but a group is planning an unofficial one in Harmon. I hope no problems arise from that.
  2. The two marina restaurants we have seen so far - Rowena and Fishtales, were not following state guidelines for reopening. Outside seating and table spacing were appropriate, but no masks on anybody. Lots of happy customers regardless and nobody complained that I'm aware of.
  3. My questions in the original post are moot, since the COE approved the project in early June. I guess we'll have to see what comes next now. It looked like Fishtales wasn't going to reopen this year, but they managed to get someone to take it over at the last minute. They opened the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Everything I've heard about it has been positive so far, and it looks like they are busy as usual.
  4. We just came home from a week at our boat. Gonna let the crowds have it for Memorial Day. Our marina and ramp was pretty much the same as what you said JSG, except almost all were making a point of staying 6 feet apart and not gathering on each other's boats like we normally do. I expect all of that to fall apart during the holiday weekend. Stay at home orders are ending in KY and Ohio and I believe many are hitting the road to all Kentucky lakes. Many ramps are going to be closed or difficult to use due to high water.
  5. Ok, I'll jump in and start a topic to see what happens. On April 13th, the COE issued their "Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and unsigned Finding of No Significant Impact" report with an invitation for written comments for a 30 day period which ends today. This is in response to J.D. Hamilton's request to expand his Lake Cumberland Marina footprint to extend all the way to the old Alligator I ramp. I received the email, but I'm not sure how I got on their list. The main document is over 80 pages long and explains every detail and the entire history of the project. I'm sure many of you received this as well. I will attempt to share it on this post. The discussions on FaceBook have been very emotional and somewhat immature for the most part, which is why I prefer forums like this one. We boat out of Wolf Creek Marina, so I have a keen interest but can't really say I have a dog in this fight. People who regularly use the Ally 1 ramp are fiercely protective of that park, and I understand that. I'd like to hear from others; 1) Do you think the COE will allow this to go forward, and 2) if so, do you think current economic conditions will delay or stop it? DRAFT_Environmental_Assessment_for_Lake_Cumberland_Marina_Expansion__13_....pdf Notice of Availibility_ Lake Cumberland Marina Expansion 13 April 2020 (1).pdf Unsigned FONSI_ Lake Cumberland Marina Expansion_ Russell County Kentucky.pdf
  6. Wow, back up again. I'm not sure why I even checked.
  7. Much has happened on this subject while this forum was down. J.D. Hamilton did buy Indian Hills Resort Alligator II, promptly changed the name to Lake Cumberland Marina, and announced a 20% increase in slip rates for 2019. My wife and I counted at least 16 new boats here at Wolf Creek that arrived in the last 10 days and we hear several more are on the way. WCM does not many vacancies for covered cruisers, but we still have several standard and premium houseboat slips. We hear that the restaurant and store have been shut down and gutted for renovation. I may ride up there today and take a look. Time will tell how this business plan will work.
  8. I was afraid it was gone for good.
  9. I wonder if the current general manager will stay? I will be interested in hearing from longtime customers about what changes will be coming.
  10. The last holiday weekend of boating season is here. My wife and I have decided to sit this one out and let the crowds have it. We are looking forward to Poker Run and some other events in September with our dock pals. This has seemed to me like a better than average season for boating accidents, in spite of the fatality in South Fork a few weeks ago. MarineAssist has been fairly quiet both here and on FaceBook, hopefully because of not much to report. It looks to me like the number of boaters was up in comparison to previous years. Weather has not been great. I sincerely hope it is a safe and fun holiday weekend for everybody who is going!
  11. This is good news for us Wolf Creekers. Not many choices over our way. We're looking forward to trying it. I've already heard good feedback from their Friday night fish fry.
  12. I would appreciate help on finding a current copy of the COE regulations/guidelines regarding floating cabins on Lake Cumberland. I filled out the "contact us" form on the Corps website, but no response yet. I found articles from 2015 where marina owners were protesting the first draft and I assume they've been revised. I've been trying to find a link to the current official documents.
  13. The sale closed Friday 8/24/18. Info started trickling around our dock and online during the weekend, but no official announcements.
  14. Trifecta owns the Sumerset name and designs, along with Stardust and Thoroughbred.
  15. Agreed. We walked through a brand new Somerset spec boat with friends that was docked at State a few weeks ago. I think it is left over from the boat show. You could almost call it a new version of our current boat. Same size and layout. Modest d├ęcor, not a "floating mansion". Price? $429,000. No inverter and no thrusters, by the way.