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  1. I too thought it was gone for good. Glad to see it back.
  2. I had a copperhead on the front of my boat this past spring curled up in the corner. I have no idea how it got aboard but needless to say it didn't get off alive. I don't kill snakes most of the time I go in a different direction but it being on my boat is a different story. The only thing I can think of on how it got aboard was it came up a dock line. I'm very careful now to look around all spaces now.
  3. Hopefully it will make our houseboats worth more with less new ones being built. Supply and demand works for me. A guy 3 slips down from me had his HB up for sale earlier this year and it was a 2016 model and he didn't even get a offer . Of course he was asking $1,200,000.00 for it and it's off the market now.
  4. Didn't one of the Trifecta group break off and are now doing houseboat renovations and updates ? I heard that this is the case but I can't remember who broke off to do it.
  5. With the price of new houseboats its become a sellers market. More and more people are just renovating and keeping what they have and I can't blame them for that.
  6. That's one of the reasons I have been at State Dock for the last several years. They are always updating and doing maintenance at SD . I know they charge more but I feel the docks are in great shape and there is always something going on there entertainment wise. If you need something for your boat they usually have it at the tool room and advice on how to fix it. My only complaint is the wifi connection is on an off a lot but they said they are working on that to make it better. Oh , and the food at the Tiki bar and grill is not very good , other than that I'm a happy slip renter.
  7. I thought they look a little rough but I know it's early and they will get better. They missed a lot of easy shots but who am I to say that. I couldn't hit a shot myself if I was the only one on the floor, but I'm one of the experts (lol). I fly a UK flag on my houseboat to show support, to bad I can only get tickets to their homes games one or two times a season. Not too upset cause their on TV and you can't get a better seat than that.
  8. I think your correct wcm , everyone is getting ready for school to start. It's one great thing about having kids that are grown and gone because it doesn't affect you any more. Boating season is still going strong for us and will continue until November when the holidays start. I've been having a great summer so far , and hope the same is for you.
  9. I went to the western part of the lake while the raft up was going on and it was beautiful there. There were more boaters than I thought would be there but not crowded at all and such a nice day. We had a great time and my nephews got pulled around on a tube., it was fun to see them have a good time.No water patrol on that end of the lake , I know they were busy with the raft up.
  10. Anyone looking forward to UK's games this August in the Bahama's ? I am , I'm wanting to see these new and returning players to get a look at them to see if they are as good as they are advertised. I know it's early for the start of this up coming season and they will have along way to go but I would still like to see what I think they could do. We still have baseball season and football to go and it's still summer boating season ,so we all get to have the best of it all.
  11. I was just looking at the web cam picture's of Jamestown marina and there were logs and sticks floating around there. Hope that the rain and rising of the lake doesn't cause to much debris to be floating around.I'm still waiting for my boat to be finished from the repair shop from the last time I hit a log floating just under the water.I thinking about starting a go fund me page so I can do repair work lol.
  12. I hope your right . My boat is still in the repair shop due to hitting a log and breaking a part on my lower unit. They have had my boat for 2 1/2 weeks and said it should be done by this Friday. They have been backed up with work and couldn't get to it before now. That's all I need is for more debris to be in the lake.
  13. Yes they did clean the hose off but it does make you think about it a lot. If your water tastes crappy you'll know why. You get young people who work there for the summer and are not paying attention but at least they did try to clean it off .
  14. I went to a marina and filled up with gas and they did put the gas into the fuel tank which is correct. I then ask them to put fresh water into my fresh water tank and they filled up my waste water tank instead. That was a easy fix, they just had to pump out my waste tank which is clearly marked. At least it wasn't fuel . I watch very closely now any time I get fuel, water or pump out done to my boat.
  15. Thanks AllDodge for your comment.I dont keep it in the water except on weekends. I did talk to Unlimited Marine and they said the same thing , that is if it's not kept in the water you don't really need to worry about it, but if the seal is broken around the anode it could let water leak into the boat. I don't think the seal is broken because I had the boat in the water that whole weekend and not much water to speak of was in the boat. At some point I think I will get it replaced because that's how I am , I don't like things broke on my boat , I try and keep it in the best shape as possible . The part is $161.75 and $92.00 labor and hr. so I'm talking about $350.00 to get it fixed , That was one expensive boat ride that day , but what the heck things happen.