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  1. Didn't plan on going out this weekend, but buds on the dock just found out they have a gas leak. Took a while but think its the fuel tank. In any case their boat is not going anywhere. Told them we'll take them out today, but not planning any for the rest until maybe late Monday afternoon (let the crazy's leave)
  2. Read their bid requirements. If there are any issues you agree that all claims shall be placed in NC. Need MC or Visa and if you don't pick your stuff up by the next day with letter from bank if having a check, they charge your CC and add 3%. There is a 10% buyers premium. Only time to inspect was last week and the day of sale
  3. Dang that is one long list. Sure appreciate the post, going to have to look thru it to see what I might want to bring home
  4. Was down there a few weeks ago showing an old shipmate, it looks good. noticed the kids are still painting things under it, and the cannon on display is smaller then what use to be on the caisson
  5. The DEF is urea and has been used for many years at different plants to reduce pollution. They still make diesels which use DEF or regeneration to clean the exhaust. Both John Deere and Kubota use regeneration istead of DEF Not all marina's have diesel and I know of only one on Dale which is willow grove.
  6. Measured in months, don't believe it Have some really old equipment sitting around and some for more then a year until it gets used again, and so far no issues or signs of some. Fuel in the refill tank in some cases have set even longer. Do agree the growth can happen but that normally takes some wet damp conditions. This year been using the equipment more but normally it just sits Dozer, highlift, backhoe and dump truck
  7. No need to worry about diesel like you would gas. Diesel can be years old and still burn just fine, main issue is water. If water gets into the injection pump then things break real fast.
  8. Have some friends that get wasted but, that's a crappy idea
  9. I see this RUSSELL COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ)- A fun time for some people trying to cool off on Lake Cumberland turned scary Saturday afternoon. Two boats hit each other head on during Thunder Run, an annual boat run near Lake Cumberland State Dock. Two people got knocked out of their boat.A fish and wildlife officer in Russell County tells ABC 36 a participant in Thunder Run lost control of his boat just outside the mouth of Wolf Creek and hit a spectator boat that was next to the shoreline. A woman was hurt and taken to the hospital, but the fish and wildlife officer says she’ll survive.
  10. Guess maybe it happens way more time then we know
  11. This is 2 incidents which happened at a DH Marina (no Names) Last year, guy brings his 40 footer in and tells the dock hand to fill it up. He starts pumping, the owner goes in the store and later pays for the gas and heads back to his marina. On the way back he notices one tank shows full and the other doesn't. Later that evening, boat water is being used to rinse things and they smell gas. The other marina filled his water tank with gas. The marina agreed to fix, and not getting into how the repair was done. This year another boat, 37 footer pulls into the same marina and says put $50 in each. (Meaning each tank, but dock hand misunderstood as 50 gallons each) In any case, the one tank holds 60 gallons and by the time he came out of the store gas was gushing out the tank into the water, the pump did not shut off. He had about 30 gallons in the tank before filling, and the pump showed it had pumped 62 gallons before it was shut off. So 30 sum gallons of gas went into DH. Owner of the boat said, you fill the other tank, and I'll pay twice what ever went into the second tank Wonder if you guys have any kind of things like that happen at other lakes and docks?
  12. Don't know of anyone that can do it now. It is not hard so long as you can get to the back lower section of the motor. It its tight or inaccessible, the motor has to come out. Installing a new one is a simple as connecting new wires to the old and pull up thru using old wire. You do need to remove the trim manifold for smooth access, but do not need to disconnect the lines Your saying its stored close, does this mean you don't keep it in the water? If you don't keep it in the water connected to shore power there is no need for the Mercathode
  13. Like LEO looking out for issues of safety but not just stop, check with hope they can write a ticket Have also been sending money to Institute of Justice to help fight the Civil Forfeiture laws. That is where LEO get to be legal thieves
  14. What motors?
  15. Sure hope this doesn't ease its way over to Dale. We to have limited parking and using UTV's help a lot. Heck it would be better if the COE would limit the number of slips, but no way. We have very limited parking and every other year there are even more slips going in.