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  1. There was a recent story about a woman in Virginia who found a 2 headed copperhead in her yard. My wife said if she had found one of them we would have the start of a dairy farm.
  2. And I was about to delete the link to the site this morning. Very little traffic and then it's down for several weeks and not for the first time this year.
  3. Interesting premise that insurance is a bad deal because the insurance company makes money from it. That logic says groceries are a bad deal because grocers make money from it, cars a a bad deal (whether new or used) because the dealer makes money from it, houses are a bad deal because the seller makes money from it ...
  4. For myself, I've stuck to week days since there is next to no traffic - except for being dumb to go to fireworks on the lake for Independence Day. Works good now that both of us are retired and my son has 2 days off in the middle of the week. But I might make a foray out on weekends starting after Labor Day since I do have friends that can't manage anything except weekends. For those of you who like the crowds more power to you but I'm antisocial myself.
  5. Seems like about once a year there's a story about rescue squad looking for lost people at Red River Gorge results in one of the rescuers being bit by a copperhead.
  6. I consider a good time for the lake as being Monday through Friday. Weekends get crazy and my little 25 hp leaves me at the mercy of the idiots. When you worry about your pontoon being flipped by wakes from boats passing you 15 feet away from you, you find that crowds are not fun at all. And what kind of fool passes between you and a shoal buoy 20 feet away and in a spot where I've seen as little as 2' of water. No crowds for me. I go to the lake to relax and seeing 10 other boats during 5 hours works for me just fine.
  7. Not being great she hasn't had to roll her eyes. She shakes her head a lot though ...
  8. My says she has never rolled her eyes over me.
  9. Glad to hear you're not "crying" about how you shouldn't have to pay future premiums because you haven't had a claim in the past. I hear lots of people complain about that. Odds of a loss don't change based on lack losses in the past just like heads on 37 coin flips doesn't change the fact that #38 still has 50/50 chances of being heads. If you figure you need to insure you write the check and send a prayer up asking Him to please let that be a waste of money. Filing a claim is a loss - you don't get 100% back and you have a lot of hassle filing the claim. And if you're real lucky nobody got hurt and nobody got dead. The only way to "win" with insurance is to never have to file a claim.
  10. The rule on my boat is NOBODY drinks. The operator absolutely does not need to be drinking but I've also seen some of the stupid things people do when they are drinking. Add in several hours of hot sun on top of the booze and impairment gets worse. It's worrisome enough trying to be sure everyone is safe without having to deal with someone who starts what he/she considers in their alcohol and sun fogged brain to be "good fun". Like a relative in another boat deciding he was going to throw his sister (who was on my boat) in the water. She is afraid of water and boats and was nervous being out. My boat hook rapped sharply on his hand as he started to climb into mine slowed him down and having that hook an inch from his face convinced him that he better find something else to do that was good fun. We don't do any more group outings.
  11. Interesting. I've found dock hands tend to ignore me unless I have a couple of young girls in bikinis with me. In that case (only twice) they have come running and one almost ended up in the lake when two collided. I pump myself but then we're talking a pontoon so very limited orifices to put gas into for someone to screw up - even me.
  12. Interesting article I picked up on Facebook. I've noticed an awful lot of articles about drowning and how "suddenly he was just gone." My fear of this happening on my boat is such I don't get in the water so I can watch and anybody that gets in the water wears a life jacket. The rule is made clear before we leave the marina (and after explained during the initial invite) and if they have a problem with it, they don't get on the boat. Should they ever ignore it they don't get another invite. So far nobody hasn't believed me up front. https://www.soundingsonline.com/voices/drowning-doesnt-look-like-drowning
  13. I kill a lot but away from my house I don't kill many. I figure they live there and I'm intruding. At my house, the wife screams very loudly so they die in order to keep the decibel count down.
  14. We came out Wednesday to run the lake a little. Great weather for it. Low 80s and nice breeze. Water was 59° but there were to jet skis out playing Frisbee on Whippoorwill Creek. No trash which was nice. And it is time - going back up the ramp to the parking lot my wife was looking at flowers and not paying attention to what was ahead of her. She was about to walk into a 4' black snake. She usually spots those things first and lets me know about them - loudly.
  15. Now that the forum is back up and running - I don't know how many hummingbirds I currently have but the numbers have grown to at least 8. Thought we were going to have one less as two were fighting on the porch and got down where the blind cat is and he grabbed one. We managed to get it away and I let it go. It gave me a dirty look before flying off as if he wasn't happy about the situation. Lord knows why. The wife says one of the hummers spends a lot of time sitting on the porch rail and she thinks it is that one. I don't know but it sure took off fast when I released it. This is the second time that cat has managed a hummer. Hard enough when you see one but to do when you can't see is quite a trick. One I prefer it not do again.