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  1. I check way too frequently to make sense, but this is the longest it has been up in years. Now all it needs is some activity.
  2. It appears it is alive, but no moderator has been on in a couple of years, so we may just be experiencing a Twilight Zone moment.
  3. There have to be enough of us oldish guys who do not post our every movement (bowel among others) on social media to keep this site alive. I rarely had anything to post, but I enjoyed the interaction of the members. Any Dale Hollow people out there?
  4. I agree with mcraftman. I have had a Suncast on a dock for over ten years and a Lifetime for about 2 years. The Lifetime seems to be better made. They are available at Lowe's or Amazon, among other places.
  5. I just returned from five days at Dale Hollow celebrating my wife's birthday. My gifts to her were a nice glass desk and desk chair for a home office at the DHL house, where she will be able to work from home after I retire next May. I would not be able to fish in peace without knowing that she had a comfortable desk chair. We will see how this works.
  6. It is unlikely that we will ever see school schedules change back to the way they were when we were kids. Accepting that, I look forward to August and September to boat on a nearly vacant lake.
  7. As much as we love the lake, this is the time of the year when we enjoy everything else around here that we do not take the time to do in warm weather. We visit the state parks and occasionally drive around aimlessly to check out the area. There is something peaceful about sipping coffee while looking out at the bare trees, watching deer that are 20 feet from the front porch. But I will still be ready for spring.
  8. I hope you are enjoying your day. -- Thank you., CB
  9. We have Star Point neighbors in their mid-sixties who ski very well behind a navy blue and white Bryant. They were not down there the last week or so, but are doing well. But you could mean someone else... Great photo. I am glad you had a good time.
  10. MA, The houseboat is still on land where it was planted. I see people taking things out of it occasionally, but there does not seem to be much effort to get it operable.
  11. The sainted bride and I have been at Dale Hollow for a week and have a few days before a reluctant return to work. We are here nearly every weekend of the summer and every couple of weeks the rest of the year. We usually avoid the holidays, so I am not used to the crowds, but everything went well with no major incidents. We are also Star Pointers, so let me know if you need anything.
  12. Have your tried Jonathan Perry? He installs a lot of used lifts at Star Point. He also adjusted our Hydro Hoist when we bought a new boat. I can private message his number, if you need it.
  13. How are the detours around the TN rock slide affecting I-75 traffic around the Mt. Vernon exit? I am hoping that it is far enough away to not cause problems. We are heading down Friday.
  14. Like many of the rest of you, I never met Jolly Roger, but I always enjoyed reading his posts. He was always thoughtful and polite. I went back and read some of his January posts. His concern for others in their losses and hard times shows who he really was. Prayers to family and loved ones.
  15. Boatrader, Click on the first link in FireEscape's post.