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  1. Finally! I saw 3 cars and the open sigh on yesterday.
  2. Does anyone know if the Country Cafe on HWY 76 is open? We drive by and see signs of opening but never see cars. I'm worried about them not surviving this "Dumpster Fire" of a year.
  3. I thought it was over. Hope it isn't a fluke!
  4. I'm guessing sometime in July when Spoonbill first posted. I checked on and off but not regularly and was never able to sign in.
  5. Captain Jim? Good question. I do not know. Two couples use to own the site. They had give aways and seem to care about getting people interested but that didn't last long.
  6. A few of us seem to keep checking the site. I truly miss the comradery this group had. I have a place on Wolf Creek at Cumberland Lake.
  7. I receive weird looks from people that can't believe I never joined Facebook. I loved this forum in it's prime. Cumberline, Captain Bob, and the rest of the gang were fun and educated me well on my new found love of Lake Cumberland. We will retire next year and hope to make Russell Springs our next place of residence. I would have loved all their expert knowledge of the area.
  8. I'm shocked also. It has been over a year since I was able to login.
  9. Thank you wcmboater55. It will be interesting to see how quickly things change in the area.
  10. Rumor I heard was Hamilton wanted the old Alligator 1 ramp area for his floating cabins. I hope this isn't true.
  11. I highly recommend Smittys Indy Marine. They made snap-in carpet for us, repaired a seat, and made canvas covers.
  12. Congrats on the full time Spooner! We are hoping to do the same in 2 years. Are the wife and you still going to be at the track in May?
  13. FLW

    We watched live feed on youtube Sunday. It was raining but they were catching not fishing. Recognized Alli 2 docks in the background of one feed. The small waterfalls in the back of coves were neat to see.
  14. March 31st the boys rented a pontoon boat from Alli 2, a few large logs on lake, didn't want to take a chance damaging our boat. They fished Wolf and Caney Creek with shiners and fake stuff, not a single bite. The day was beautiful and they had a great time just being on the lake.
  15. Thank you Don! I hate to hear that, Stud was a great excavator.