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  1. I only joined facebook once...under a phony name and it wasn't but a few months before they terminated my account because someone apparently didn't like my brutal honesty. IMHO the only thing facebook is good for is spying on your old friends, neighbors, coworkers and classmates. I tend to shy away from any platform with a Leftist agenda...which is pretty much all of them.
  2. I would think a forum like this should flourish...especially since people these days aren't so keen on joining the censoring and spying facebook. I don't know of any other LC forums...none that I'm interested in joining, that is.
  3. I think I joined this site back in 2004 or something...and I stuck with it until the end. I tried logging in a few time over the past couple years, but the site was always down. Just decided to try once more, just for the heck of it, and amazingly I got through. Glad to see the site still lives. I hope it gets back to the way I remember it in the past.
  4. There is also a "dinner train" in Cincinnati which runs from Duck Creek Rd. down to near the Ohio River and back. It's an old school 1940's style dining car with good food and a winding trip through some of the areas of town that you cannot see from the roads. I highly recommend it...as it is so different from the usual entertainment options around here. http://www.cincinnatirailway.com/dinnertrain/
  5. Yeah...just ask the military about all the cutbacks in funding and new programs. What bothers me about the Mill Springs Battlefield is that the government would probably run it the same way the COE runs the campgrounds. Expect the lowest bidders to take over maintenance...then they'll have their subcontractors on downward until you end up with Trailer Park Billybob as the tenant. They'll have a chain-of-command...a hierarchy where no one at the top does anything but walk around and look important. Billybob will do all of the work for a yearly stipend of about Ten Grand. Expect knee high grass before it gets cut, downed limbs and garbage everywhere.
  6. Yeah...or the next time the government runs out of money, they can shut down the park and not let anybody access any of the battlefield sites all along 235. They did that a few years back and closed down all the National Parks out west.
  7. Thanks. And I'm sure that if you disagreed...you'd be polite and gentlemanly about it...not sarcastic like Drift-R-Cruz had to do above
  8. Not sure that is good news. If it becomes federal property...then it is subject to federal red tape and mismanagement.
  9. JMHO but it would help immensely if the KSP would patrol the highway and regularly write tickets. I'm not sure why they don't do this very much any more. The only place I regularly see police running radar is just south of the Richmond exit...and that's probably because there is a State Police Post and EKU's Police Academy nearby. When I was a kid in the 80's, there were radar traps all along the entire length of 75 in KY. For the past 20 years, all I see are those vehicle enforcement units hassling truck drivers. Safety warnings are nice, but sometimes the only way to get people to slow down is to hit them in their wallet.
  10. What I meant to say was that any carcass is an "it"...not a him or her. "Him" left the scene shortly after leaping off the bridge.
  11. Not ashamed to admit that I had to google "dike pliers." Never heard that term before.
  12. That is exactly what it would be like. The only thing I would change in your sentence above would be to refer to an "it"...instead of a "him". He's gone and now IT'S just a rotting piece of meat folks. Having once encountered a human corpse which had been festering in the August heat for about a week...I can tell you they are not worth risking life and limb to recover. Waterlogged corpses are even more repulsive.
  13. Can't say I blame them. What's the hurry? Anybody who has ever been fishing knows how stubborn hooks can be, and how tricky it is to get them out of clothing and flesh. With multiple hooks and lines involved...the act of freeing one usually causes others to become embedded.
  14. Thanks for the update.
  15. Anybody hear any news about a boat accident on LC this weekend? I heard that a Poker Run boat collided with a pleasure boat...throwing a couple people out of the boat. That's about all I heard. Don't see or hear any reports on it yet.