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  2. I will leave my political thoughts out of this opinion but I will say I am not a fan of mandated mask usage. A basic cloth mask is not and has never been shown as an effective form of protection form a virus (until the last few months). All they do is protect you from coughing or sneezing on someone and allow people to virtue signal. I do not wear one unless I have to go somewhere that will not let me in without it (like Kroger). Wear a mask if you want, just leave me alone if I don't. I promise not to cough or sneeze on anyone.
  3. I personally don't see a problem with that as long as people don't stand toe-to-toe to talk. I've seen nobody wearing masks walking around the marina or ramp. Outside fresh air and normal separation. We try to stay clear of the crowds on busy weekends. Our group of boating friends are all over 55 and I trust they are watching what they do. Raft Up is cancelled this year, but a group is planning an unofficial one in Harmon. I hope no problems arise from that.
  4. We were out cruising around yesterday afternoon and went by Jamestown Marina. I saw 6 women get off a bow rider and every one put a mask on as soon as they stepped on the dock. That was a first for me this year. As usual, no one had a mask on at the Ramp or our marina (Pleasant Hill).
  5. The two marina restaurants we have seen so far - Rowena and Fishtales, were not following state guidelines for reopening. Outside seating and table spacing were appropriate, but no masks on anybody. Lots of happy customers regardless and nobody complained that I'm aware of.
  6. Hmmm, seems like little Andy will be making new proclamations today or tomorrow. I hope it doesn't crush businesses like this that are likely barely hanging on.
  7. Finally! I saw 3 cars and the open sigh on yesterday.
  8. Does anyone know if the Country Cafe on HWY 76 is open? We drive by and see signs of opening but never see cars. I'm worried about them not surviving this "Dumpster Fire" of a year.
  9. Good to hear it was a good show. The show in Lexington was pretty good as well. I am surprised that you are surprised about the usage of masks. I have not seen one mask on the dock, lake, or ramp this year. I have rarely seen one used in Jamestown unless it was a waiter or someone at work. To be completely honest, I never wear one unless it cannot be avoided. I try to stay social distant (I have been practicing all my life for that skill ) as often as possible and wash my hands frequently but the mask is a bridge too far for me. It does nothing to protect me and very little to protect anyone else.
  10. Had a most awesome time with the wife watching the stateroom fireworks display. The weather was awesome, the crowds were manageable and a wonderful show of fireworks! Only thing I didn't understand was I didn't see anyone with a mask or no sign of any social distancing especially on the covidbus...I mean shuttle. Can't imagine how many people from how many states were on that van all piled together so I decided to hoof it. Hope everyone makes it home virus free but can't see how it is possible!
  11. My questions in the original post are moot, since the COE approved the project in early June. I guess we'll have to see what comes next now. It looked like Fishtales wasn't going to reopen this year, but they managed to get someone to take it over at the last minute. They opened the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Everything I've heard about it has been positive so far, and it looks like they are busy as usual.
  12. WCM, Thanks for the post and good to see the sit alive cause I don't facebook. The expansion will affect us both alike with additional wake, noise, but hopefully along with proposed expansion, improved amenities will also come. How has FishTails been doing this year?
  13. Good morning Vietnam??? Holy COW! Is this true is there life in LC.COM?? Sitting here overlooking Wolf Creek and was wanting to see a web cam of Jamestown so decided to log on to lc.com..... No web cam but forum back! Bet Cumberland is happy.
  14. https://www.kentucky.com/news/state/kentucky/article243338481.html Sad and hard to believe that two males in their twenties could not solve this problem and live to tell the tale. Of course not every male in their twenties is fit or a good swimmer. Naturally there is also the chance that large amounts of alcohol were involved. If you're gonna swim away from the boat, wear a life jacket or at least have a cushion/raft/noodle with you.
  15. soooo....hows the janitorial staff of this online outhouse.
  16. Well it appeared to be the normal chaos of every holiday weekend at the lake. The biggest difference I saw was in Russell Springs and Jamestown. None of the restaurants seem to have reopened their dining rooms and were continuing to close early. I have to think a lot of money was missed there. The ramp at PH was worse than normal since there was not enough space to turn around at the bottom and because the normal parking for golf carts and side by sides was under water. It was entertaining watching a lot of 24' plus boats being backed all the way down the hill. I did not see one mask in use at the marina or ramp. The only place I saw any masks were Kroger and food servers.
  17. We just came home from a week at our boat. Gonna let the crowds have it for Memorial Day. Our marina and ramp was pretty much the same as what you said JSG, except almost all were making a point of staying 6 feet apart and not gathering on each other's boats like we normally do. I expect all of that to fall apart during the holiday weekend. Stay at home orders are ending in KY and Ohio and I believe many are hitting the road to all Kentucky lakes. Many ramps are going to be closed or difficult to use due to high water.
  18. So for anyone still checking this place, what changes have you seen at the lake due to little Andy's orders? I have seen fewer people for sure over the last 2 months. There have been fewer people at their cottages, on the ramp, and at the marina. However those I have seen at the ramp or marina have been acting like there is nothing new. They have not been doing any "social distancing" and I have not seen one mask, pair of gloves, or bottle of hand sanitizer in use. As we have finally started to get warmer weekends and everyone has become tired of Andy's dictates, I have seen more traffic on the ramp and the marina has more boats sitting on the lifts but it is still noticeably less busy that in years past. Last weekend, less than half our slips (Pleasant Hill) had boats. Normally, 95% of the slips are in use by now. Is it this way everywhere on the lake? I have to imagine it will be busy this weekend at least since it is a holiday and I really believe most people have had their fill of "Healthy at Home".
  19. I have not checked the forum for months and wonder why I did this time. Anybody want to publish and over/under on how long it's up this time?
  20. Ok, I'll jump in and start a topic to see what happens. On April 13th, the COE issued their "Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) and unsigned Finding of No Significant Impact" report with an invitation for written comments for a 30 day period which ends today. This is in response to J.D. Hamilton's request to expand his Lake Cumberland Marina footprint to extend all the way to the old Alligator I ramp. I received the email, but I'm not sure how I got on their list. The main document is over 80 pages long and explains every detail and the entire history of the project. I'm sure many of you received this as well. I will attempt to share it on this post. The discussions on FaceBook have been very emotional and somewhat immature for the most part, which is why I prefer forums like this one. We boat out of Wolf Creek Marina, so I have a keen interest but can't really say I have a dog in this fight. People who regularly use the Ally 1 ramp are fiercely protective of that park, and I understand that. I'd like to hear from others; 1) Do you think the COE will allow this to go forward, and 2) if so, do you think current economic conditions will delay or stop it? DRAFT_Environmental_Assessment_for_Lake_Cumberland_Marina_Expansion__13_....pdf Notice of Availibility_ Lake Cumberland Marina Expansion 13 April 2020 (1).pdf Unsigned FONSI_ Lake Cumberland Marina Expansion_ Russell County Kentucky.pdf
  21. I check way too frequently to make sense, but this is the longest it has been up in years. Now all it needs is some activity.
  22. Wow, back up again. I'm not sure why I even checked.
  23. I thought it was over. Hope it isn't a fluke!
  24. It appears it is alive, but no moderator has been on in a couple of years, so we may just be experiencing a Twilight Zone moment.
  25. Are we back up again I wish this sight would take off again it was fun
  26. I'm guessing sometime in July when Spoonbill first posted. I checked on and off but not regularly and was never able to sign in.
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