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  2. Thanks JSG for the info. I tried for along time to log in and finally gave up. It was by accident the other day that I tried again and couldn’t believe I was able to log in . Hope to hear from you again sometime.
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  4. Been back up for a long time but no one checks it anymore since it was dead so long. I think maybe 5 people wander by every once in a while. I pop in here a few times a week to see the water level.
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  6. When did the forum come back on line I use to love reading and replying to subjects . These are some of the best people to talk too . Glad to see it up and running. The good old days are back.
  7. Forum back up and running
  8. Forum back up and running
  9. Forum back up and running
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  11. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all! With that out of the way, I have now had my turn in the barrel. My wife and I both had the dreaded Wuhan Flu beginning Christmas Eve. I had one day with a tight chest, 2 days of minimal aches, and 3 days of about one cough per hour. My wife was similar but decided to morph hers into strep throat so she is killing that off with antibiotics now. I realize this illness can be deadly but our reaction (as a country) has been and continues to be ridiculous. If you have no comorbid conditions (like a pacemaker), you are not going to be any worse off than with a mild case of the flu. We are both over 50 and I am a good 40 pounds overweight. We have to stop this snowflake nonsense.
  12. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I have been in Eli, mostly, since April. I'm with Squak. I have been ill due to the election, not Covid. I wear my mask when I go into a business, cause Andy says so and I want the business to stay open. Ammo supply is ok, Toilet paper not so much but i ordered a copy of Obama's new book so I'll be ok.
  13. It is interesting to note . . . . States where Government Mandated lockdowns continue or even become more strict, the rate of Covid infections is increasing along with the number of deaths. - - - - - > Lockdowns don't work < - - - - - It is almost as if: "The beatings will continue until morale improves".
  14. Add one more devout mask wearing person to the list. My boss wears one every time he leaves his office and even outside if near any other people yet he still managed to get it.
  15. In the name of general knowledge... We had 3 people test positive for COVID this past Friday at work. One of them was mostly a "masks ignorer" and in small spaces with others 6 days a week. One of them has worn a mask properly, very regularly, and always inside any building/enclosure with others. The final person has worn a mask religiously from June. He does not get out of his vehicle in the morning without a mask on, never rides with anyone else in his truck, tries to limit his exposure to other employees, and always wears his mask correctly. My point is that the new "religion" of face coverings is nuts. As demonstrated in my examples, a mask is not going to prevent you from getting this virus. Keeping your hands clean, keeping your distance from others, and common sense is likely the the most effective defense.
  16. I agree and communications about whether they were open has been a problem most of the season. They have mostly relied on Facebook, but not on a consistent basis. More important, fuel sales have been restored at Wolf Creek after over a year without. They are supposedly open Wednesday through Sundays, but it might be a good idea to call first. The fuel piers were damaged beyond repair in a storm in June 2019, and they took until after Labor Day 2020 to get it back, due to Suntex inability to manage projects.
  17. There are fishermen on the lake every weekend all winter but they likely would not plan to eat there if they were not sure it was open. Knowing whether a place is open or not before you get there seems to be a bit of an issue for many places in the area.
  18. Fishtales was open this last weekend, Nov. 27-29 as the weather was decent. Partly sunny and highs in the 50s on Saturday. Outside dining of course due to the current COVID requirements. I did see several boats come through Saturday and people seemed happy in coats and hats. The grapevine tells me they are going to attempt to stay open all winter on weekends when the weather is decent. I see a lot of fishermen come through. If they offered a simpler menu, like chili, sandwiches, sausage biscuits and coffee, they might get some business. Of course, that's my opinion and I don't know squat about running a restaurant.
  19. Wow only 4 people are still checking this forum and one is suffering from a severe case of TDS. In any case, Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas to all!
  20. Ah yes . . . you've been listening to the bias of the news media. We don't have a new President-Elect yet because the vote totals have not been certified by the individual states AND the President-Elect is not determined by the news media. This task is performed Constitutionally by the U.S. Congress on December 14th. And, we have only one President in office at a time. Anyone else who claims they are President is being hypocritical. Why, because our current President remains in office until Janury 20th. By the way . . . State Governors don't control the infection rate of the Covid virus, although they may want you to think they can. "We The People" do that based upon well grounded logic and trying to control "We The People" can be as difficult as trying to herd cats. How do we know this? Many Governors don't follow their own mandates which they believe are "for thee and not for me". I am happy for you being adequately stocked and feeling fortunate. But you might want to do something about your sense of reality. Otherwise you may become quite upset when January 20th rolls around. Please give my regards to Rachel Maddow the next time you see her. Have a nice day.
  21. Or...We have a new President whose transition is being delayed by petulance and idiocy, both displayed proudly by many. Our governors are trying to slow the spread of a horrific disease, much to the opposition of people unable to comprehend its impact. It is a remarkable coincidence that these two seemingly unrelated detachments from reality are being loudly opposed by the same people. What are the chances? My ammo, cleaning products and other less important supplies (food) are adequately stocked, so I feel very fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving!
  22. Well . . . Here we are. Its been 18 days since the election and we don't know who is to be our President, parts of the nation have been Locked Down by their tyrant governors and some folks have been ordered to eat their Thanksgiving meal while wearing a mask or they can be arrested and thrown in jail for 30 days. There are no paper products, hand sanitizer, wipes, or antibacterial cleaning products left on the shelves at Walmart, and you can't find common types of ammo at Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop. What is this world coming to ? ? ? For those having a problem dealing with the above and many other issues . . . I have a suggestion: Trust in "Devine Providence" to solve the major problems and learn how to shoot a Bow and Arrow, cause everything is going to be O.K. I have this information from a very Good Authority ! ! ! ! !
  23. I pulled the bass boat off the lift last Sunday and put it in the garage. It is only .6 of a mile from the ramp and will hopefully be used some more but it is pretty much done for the year. Last weekend was spectacular as far as the weather. We almost put the Yamaha back in for the weekend.
  24. We were at the boat for 11 days starting from Halloween and hit the absolute jackpot on weather. Overnight lows were in the 20s/30s the first two days, then it got warmer every day before breaking record highs the last 2 days we were there. Blue skies and starry night, it was one of the best stretches of weather we've ever had. It was a great escape from election news. There were multiple fishing tournaments while we were there and quite a few fished around are marina. I don't know how much they were catching, but the guide service at our dock was showing off a lot of stripers.
  25. My comments from May still hold. Possibly even more accurate now. I was at the lake (Pleasant Hill) a lot this summer (including last weekend) and did not see a mask at our marina or on our ramp one time that I can recall. Even distancing seemed to totally go away by July 4. I did see a group of 5 or 6 women get off a boat at James town Marina and put on masks one Sat this summer but that was my only mask sighting on the water. About the only place you consistently see masks is the Walgreens or Kroger.
  26. I’m at the Pleasant Hill Marina and haven’t launched my bass boat once this season. My wife and I are both 75 and cautiously optimistic as to whether or not we contract Covid 19. We’ve restricted ourselves to essential trips to the grocery, hardware, and gas stations, but trips to our lake cabin are unrestricted in order to maintain our sanity. And yes, we ware a mask, observe the 6 foot yardstick, and wash hands, not because someone says so, but because it’s a good idea. As for Andy: I don’t need someone talking to me like he was Mr. Roger and I was 5 years old. I will make up my own mind, do what needs to be done, and live my life my way because I CAN and not because someone (even a Governor) says jump and I’m susposed to ask how high.
  27. Using Chrome as well
  28. Only other guess - and it's just shooting in the dark - is try a different browser. I'm using Chrome. Forum software is probably old and finicky.
  29. tried 65 kb and wouldn't load. First thing I thought of when the original wouldn't load.
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