Corps makes big splash on water safety
August 15, 2012 Share

Corps makes big splash on water safety

SOMERSET, Ky. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District made a big splash when its park rangers at Lake Cumberland partnered with the Somersplash Water Park to promote water safety Aug. 4, 2012.

Tammy Wilburn, aquatics supervisor at Somersplash, said teaming up with the Corps was natural because both parties seek to promote water safety with the public.

“We hope the safety precautions at our park follow through when they visit Lake Cumberland,” Wilburn said. “At any given time we have 25 life guards on duty at Somersplash, so we can expect the unexpected.”

The park rangers encouraged people to learn how to swim, wear life jackets, not dive into shallow areas or unfamiliar waters, never attempt to swim long distances, keep a close eye on children and always be aware of surroundings.

At Lake Cumberland, the public recreates mostly at their own risk, so it’s especially important that they assess the risk of their activities and make smart decisions in and around the water to avoid the unexpected, said Park Ranger Ashley Glyn-Jones.

To educate the swimmers at Somersplash, Glyn-Jones reached out to more than 500 people at a water safety booth. She gave the kids goody bags filled with water safety materials and interacted with the adults who approached her with questions and departed with safety tips.

“We are very lucky to have had a chance to set up an information booth at Somersplash; many of the lake’s visitors also partake in the services at the local water park during their summer vacations. What a great way to reach the public,” Glyn-Jones said.

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