September 7, 2014 Share

Celebration at Lake Cumberland

PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) — It’s a problem that started nearly seven years ago!

In 2007, the Wolf Creek Dam on Lake Cumberland needed some major repairs.

Those repairs caused water levels to drop about forty feet.

Thursday, those levels are back up and marina owners are celebrating!

During that time customers found other places to dock their boats causing some businesses on the lake to financially sink to the bottom.

Lee’s Ford Resort Marina is the site of a major celebration.

Senator Mitch McConnell and the millions of people that visit Lake Cumberland are happy–the water level is back to normal.

It may be calm seas now, but there were some rough currents–financially.

The owner of the marina and restaurant says he lost eight million dollars and was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Adam Tavor is the manager. He says word got around that the water level dropped and so did business.

“You hear people saying you couldn’t go on part of the lake then fear comes to certain people’s mind word spreads and you see what happens,” said Tavor. “Less people to come to lake…less business I have its really pretty simple.”

Tavor says the lake as a whole was fine. The low water levels in tributaries like fishing creek forced this marina to reconfigure boat slips.

“It knocked quite a few marinas out of business into bankruptcy quite a few that had to close.”

Now this restaurant has made it through troubled waters, Tavor says it will still take a couple of years just to keep the ship steady.

“Now that its back with all the publicity I think the lake will be just as strong as ever,” said Tavor.