October 24, 2014 Share

Capt Dan’s Fishing Report – Oct 20th

 It’s the middle of October, and water temperature is steadily dropping. Currently, the water temperature in the main Lake is 70°.

The fish continued in the jumps at different times during the day, however it is not consistent. You never know when or where the fish are going to come up.

Lately the best results with down rigging and umbrellas are in the main channels of the main Lake fishing extremely deep.

As in September, If you can find a large school of fish, your chances of limiting out are extremely high. Those individuals using live bait are fishing anywhere from 40 foot to 80 foot of water, those of us down rigging and using umbrellas are fishing in 100+ foot of water.

As always, feel free to call or text me with any questions that you might have at 270-566-0625.