April 16, 2014 Share

Capt Dan’s Fishing Report – April 15th

It's hard to believe that this is the metal of April. Woke up this morning to see what appeared to be a blizzard on the Lake. The Lake is flipped over and the algae Bloom is finally gone.

Fishing on the lake has been quite consistent for the last two weeks. Fish can be found all the way from the headwaters of all the creeks and out into the main Lake. The water temperature is average and around 55° and the water is crystal clear. No matter where you go. Wherever you go. Keep your eyes open.

There is a tremendous amount of trash floating on the Lake. Pulling boards with live shad in life shiner from the surface to 15 feet and fishing bottom with live shad is the most productive at this time, also you can get a few stripers by casting doll flies into the brush, or even pulling umbrellas.

If you have any questions feel free to call me or text me at 270-566-0625