Alligator II takes a hit from storm
June 10, 2015 Share

Alligator II takes a hit from storm

Lake Cumberland (WKYT) – Those in the boating business say summer is the one time of the year to make your money.

“Oh yes, very heartbreaking. Especially our busiest time of the year coming up,” said James Flatt Tuesday, looking at the damage caused by storms that blew through the secluded Lake Cumberland marina Monday afternoon.

July 4th has every rental booked at the Alligator Two marina in Russell County.

“Here I’m going to be crippled up,” he said, pointing to a collapsed canopy just outside the ship store.

Flatt is still trying to figure the extent of the damages caused by what the Russell County Emergency Management Director calls straight-line winds.

“It broke stainless steel cables as big as your thumb. Jerked the wenches off the dock,” said Flatt.

No one was hurt when the rain started coming down in buckets and the winds began howling.

“It threw people out of their seats, we had people crying and carrying on,” said Flatt of the brief three to four minutes of chaos that erupted inside the Marina during the storm.

At least four to five boats were damaged and the dock that leads out of the store to the remaining slips is now blocked.

“We are still accommodating. The only thing … we will be water taxiing in stead of walking,” Flatt said.

Minor repairs are already being made but it could be weeks or even months before all the damage is fixed.

“We are still open and operating,” Flatt said.