Militana earned his first FLW win with four smallmouth bass that exceeded the 18-inch size limit. "My goal was to hit as many spots as possible," said Militana. "I think I hit 30 spots in the tournament. The areas that

Celebrate by wearing your life jacket at all times while boating. And ask your friends and family to do the same! Ready, Set, Wear It! Conley Bottom is proud to announce we will be participating in the fifth-annual “Ready, Set,

I've been driving boats for many years which makes me a decent driver, however the largest boat I have docked was 25 feet this boat is 70 feet, which means all the practice I've had with a 25 foot boat

April is finally gone. May is here, but it would appear that the cold weather in the beginning of May, has remained also, we've got 7 inches of rain in a 72 hour period. This has brought the lake elevation

FRANKFORT — A jointed Thunderstick or Redfin lure slowly worked on the surface along a main lake bank on Lake Cumberland at 3 a.m. in early May could provoke a reaction from a striped bass that feels like it could

We finished all the paperwork and documentation on our houseboat in May.  The first opportunity we had more than a weekend to stay on the boat was the Fourth of July holiday.  We were on vacation for the week and