Somerset votes 2,167 to 1,464 to end Prohibition & begin new era The results came in slowly at first, a precinct at a time, like droplets falling from the rim of an empty beer bottle. The “yes” votes, signifying approval

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 26, 2012) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District announced today continued impacts due to drought conditions within the Cumberland River Basin. A mild winter across the region, above average temperatures this spring, and insufficient

With Tuesday’s potentially landscape-altering alcohol vote looming, key figures from both sides of the debate are weighing their chances in the last weekend before the public decides. When asked respectively how they felt about their sides’ chances in the option

Every year for about 10 years we joined our friends and their families on Lake Cumberland in Monticello, Ky., for a week of water-skiing, eating and fellowship. A brief meeting during the winter and a trusted notebook assured that we

JAMESTOWN, Ky. (June 22, 2012) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District reached a major milestone here this week at the Wolf Creek Dam Foundation Remediation Project when work crews installed the 433rd and final panel in completing

One thing Somerset’s leaders can agree on: However Tuesday’s “wet/dry” option election goes, it will be in the hands of the voters. No one in any sort of office gets to decide the matter unilaterally. However, that doesn’t mean that

Tailrace at Wolf Creek Dam is one of the most popular trout fishing spots in Kentucky. With the spring fishing season in full swing, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers warns that waters immediately downriver from a dam can be

Have you seen the newest trend in water sports? People are standing on oversized surfboards and paddling through the water on lakes and rivers everywhere. Most water sports have typically been limited to those with superior balance because of the

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Striped bass anglers on Lake Cumberland may now keep smaller fish than in the past. The minimum size limit for striped bass in the lake has dropped to 22 inches, a two-inch reduction from the previous 24-inch

To V Or Not To V

Now that’s a question. Are you better off with a stern drive or a V-drive? Lately, there’s been a tricky choice facing anyone buying a fishboat or cruiser in the 28′ to 34′ range – a choice that stumps even

“Dry” supporters will rejoice. “Wet” activists will cringe. But Somerset holds a unique standing in the Commonwealth of Kentucky — it’s the largest city in the state not to have any kind of legal alcohol sales. Joseph Coleman, research and

Kentucky State Parks are holding two surplus auctions, in June and July at Lake Cumberland and Lake Barkley. The auctions will include, but not be limited to, items such as tractors, golf carts, sofas, dining room sets, paddle boats, mowers,

There’s been plenty of back-and-forth debate between the “wet” and “dry” forces lately about what an alcohol-legal Somerset might be like. But what do those in other cities — ones where expanded drink sales have become a recent reality —

A new project manager has been named to oversee the $594 million rehabilitation of Wolf Creek Dam. Don Getty succeeds David Hendrix who has been in charge of the project since the work began in 2007. Hendrix has been promoted

The local unemployment rate dipped significantly from March to April, but Wayne County’s rate is still among the highest in Kentucky, according to the latest figures released by the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. Wayne County’s unemployment rate—the ninth